Decriminalizing Psychedelic Drugs In Oakland – Three Key Points

Kyle Jaeger recently published an article in Marijuana Moment, reporting on “Decriminalize Nature,” a new advocacy group seeking to decriminalize psychedelic plants and fungi in Oakland.

Three Notes about Efforts in Oakland by “Decriminalize Nature” to Decriminalize Psychedelic Drugs

Here are are three take-aways from Mr. Jaeger’s article:

  1. The Oakland group is seeking decimalization at the city level, like Denver. 
  2. The Oakland group seeks decriminalization of the following substances: “mushrooms, cacti, iboga containing plants and/or extracted combinations of plants similar to ayahuasca,”  Notably the decriminalization effort is focused on naturally occurring organisms, i.e., “entheogenic plants, fungi and natural sources.”  Although not explicitly excluded, the group does not appear focused on decriminalizing pure synthetic drugs, like LSD.
  3. The Oakland group does seek to include “extracted combinations of plants similar to ayahuasca.”  In other words, their decriminalization efforts are not limited to only plants and fungi.  Rather, they seek to include certain levels of processed plant products, i.e., combinations of materials extracted from these organisms.

Based on Mr. Jaeger’s report, the decriminalization scheme in Oakland would allow for making formulated products.  Decriminalizing both the plants and extracts of those plants would allow for designer recombinations of the same, e.g., the “extracted combinations” specifically exemplified in the group’s language.

Again, the Decriminalize Nature efforts are in their infancy. We will look forward to further developments.

Questions about the Article:

You refer to “ongoing efforts to decriminalize and legalize psilocybin for medical purposes in Denver and Oregon, respectively.”  Psilocybin is a single pure compound. COMPASS. The Denver efforts focus on decriminalizing mushrooms, like Stamets.

Link to Original Article:

Marijuana Moment, March 18, 2019

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