Microdosing Formulations are a Game Changer

Microdosing Formulations Eliminate the Need for Gambling with Your Mind

Recently, we published several articles about the growing popularity of microdosing psilocybin.  In sum, the practice of microdosing could be easily improved with formulated psilocybin products that provide precise amounts of the active ingredients.

Since publishing those articles, we have received some excellent feedback on microdosing formulations.  One of our readers describes his microdosing regimen as a “game” that he plays with his mind:

“I have accepted the variable with no reservations. I simply make a game of seeing where the micro-dose takes me that day, whether it results in a tiny (yet manageable) trip or the desired results alone, which for me is that subtle energy boost & pain relief.”

This quote is interesting for at least two reasons.

First, describing a drug treatment regimen as “a game” highlights the state of the art for microdosing psilocybin in May 2018. In particular, this description illustrates the need for innovation in the psilocybin space.  The possibility of “a tiny (yet manageable) trip” is probably unacceptable to many people seeking treatment for their mood disorders.  Additionally, most doctors would probably hesitate to recommend a treatment option that involves gambling with the possibility of psychedelic hallucinations.

Second, it seems noteworthy that this person is willing to accept the possibility of unintended hallucinations in order to receive the “desired results” of psilocybin microdosing.  This fact suggests that the benefits of taking wildly unreliable amounts of psilocybin outweigh the downside of taking unintended amounts.

Psilocybin Microdosing Formulations

Formulating psilocybin into precise microdosing formulations would allow people to consume a precise amount of psilocybin.  Consuming a precise amount of psilocybin would allow a user to attain the desired results without needing to assume the risk of unintended hallucinations.

Additionally, formulating psilocybin into known dosage formulations would open the door for doctors to recommend a specific treatment regimen based on research supporting that particular regimen. Earning the support of doctors would make psilocybin more accessible to people in need because many patients rely on the advice or their doctor when deciding what medicine to take.

** Please leave us your feedback by using the comments section below.  In particular, we would appreciate hearing any reasons NOT to make psilocybin formulations available to people in need.

4 thoughts on “Microdosing Formulations are a Game Changer

  1. Tyler S. Reply

    I’ve been taking 200mg daily for over a month now could not ask for better results.. No side affects. I was diagnosed with pschizophrenia and PTSD and it has done more for me than any medication I have taken. If you guys would like a more detailed report on the benefits I receive from them . Shoot me an email.

    • Tim Hagney Reply

      Tyler, Do you mean 200 mg of psilocybin, or dried mushroom. Seems like a pretty hefty dose. My brother takes an anti-psychotic for schizophrenia and methylphenidate (similar to Ritalin). Seems like this technique of a precise dose of a psychedelic is to be preferred, if we can get our medical community on board.

      • Staff Scientist Post authorReply

        Excellent point. It’s important to distinguish between pure psilocybin and dried mushroom material.

    • Natalia Clavería Reply

      Hi, Tyler!
      Thanks for sharing. I would lile a more detailed report on the benefits and at what time of the day you take the dose? Why you taking daily? Did you tried taking them other way?
      I would be glad to know, thanks.

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