Microdosing – Petranker and Anderson on State of the Art

Microdosing Study by Petranker and Anderson

Newsweek magazine just published an article about microdosing psychedelics (e.g., psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, etc.). The article reported a “new study” conducted by a “team of Canadian researchers” (led by Rotem Petranker and Thomas Anderson) who studied the effects of microdosing on a group of volunteers.

Considering their results and others, co-author Rotem Petranker pointed out several aspects of the state of the art for microdosing:

  • Microdosing psychedelics appears to have significant potential for sharpening focus, increasing energy, and reducing anxiety and depression.
  • Many people are afraid or unwilling to try an illegal drug regardless of the benefits.
  • Lack of precise dosage forms (i.e., “lack of a standard microdose amount”) causes people to “doubt its reliability and accuracy in treating their symptoms.”

All things considered, Mr. Petranker concedes, “We are still a far cry from saying this is medicine….”  Nevertheless, researchers like him continue to generate evidence of the potential benefits of microdosing psychedelics.  Such research has led some government regulatory bodies to reconsider how we think about that class of molecules.  For example, Kenneth Tupper, director at the British Columbia Centre on Substance Abuse told NBC News,

“Psychedelic drugs are not a panacea, but the research is showing a lot of promise.”

Below, we provide some background on microdosing (with links to specific topics) and also a link to a video with more information about the studies conducted by Rotem Petranker and Thomas Anderson.

Background: What is Microdosing?

Within the context of psychedelics (e.g., psilocybin), the term “microdosing” refers to administering a “sub-threshold” dose of the drug in order to attain certain beneficial effects without an unwanted “transcendental trip.”

Recently, microdosing has received considerable attention as a potential treatment for anxiety, depression, addiction (e.g., cigarette addiction), and other “mood” disorders. Although more studies are needed, the available evidence strongly suggests that psilocybin treatments could be a game changer for mental health.

Presently, there is an unmet need for microdosing formulations.  Additionally, psychedelics are still illegal in most parts of the world.

Rotem Petranker and Thomas Anderson Discuss Microdosing REsearch

Below is a video, in which Rotem Petranker and Thomas Anderson discuss their microdosing study and results.

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