MindMed – Two Steps Closer to Next Generation Magic Mushroom Formulations

Over the past several months, MindMed has taken two important steps towards the next generation of psychedelic compositions — formulations that harness the Entourage Effect.  First, MindMed recognized the potential for formulating combinations of active ingredients.  Second, they have expanded their focus to include psilocybin derivatives as active ingredients.

Combinations of Active Ingredients

On August 25th, 2020, MindMed announced a Phase 1 clinical trial “combining MDMA and LSD…. The Phase 1 MDMA-LSD trial is scheduled to start in Q4 of this year in Basel, Switzerland.”  This area of research is groundbreaking because it is the first legitimate clinical trial on a formulation that leverages the synergies between multiple compounds.  See Entourage Effect, e.g., here, here, or hereFormulations with multiple actives (like those found in nature) are better than single active ingredients.  This is why cannabis users prefer full spectrum products to pure THC.  It’s also why people drink coffee instead of pure caffeine dissolved in water.

Psilocybin as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

On September 24, 2020, MindMed announced that they were expanding their research focus to include psilocybin.  According to their press release they are researching the differences between LSD and psilocybin. “MindMed is interested in understanding how psilocybin or LSD affects humans differently so that it can design better later stage trials or potentially even combine substances in future next-generation psychedelic assisted therapies for patients.”  This is a great first step.  Next, MindMed (or someone else) would benefit from exploring all of the other active components in magic mushrooms, like baeocystin, norpsilocin, aeruginascin, etc..

Putting the Pieces Together

MindMed has now opened the door to combination products and also started work with psilocybin.  The next step will be making formulations of multiple tryptamines. In other words, making formulations that combine psilocybin with other active tryptamines that are found in magic mushrooms.

Such formulations will harness the “Entourage Effect” that is provided by consuming magic mushrooms.  (Magic mushrooms have multiple psilocybin derivatives– not just psilocybin– which contribution to the clinical properties of magic mushrooms).

Starting with naturally occurring magic mushrooms, this could be accomplished as illustrated below.  Alternatively, psilocybin derivatives could be easily synthesized and purified in the laboratory.

Naturally occurring psychoactive mushrooms contain many active ingredients. Those ingredients can be extracted with a solvent to eliminate the insoluble structural material of the mushroom. That extract can be further processed, to separate out the molecules present in the extract — resulting in a collection of isolated individual molecules that are much easier to study scientifically.
Psilocybin is just one of those molecules. Psilocybin can also be produced synthetically. Synthetic psilocybin can exist as a number of different salts and crystalline forms. Compass pathways is only claiming one new crystalline form of synthetic psilocybin.


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