Nova Mentis Launches Entourage Effect Research

Nova Mentis Life Science Corp (CSE: NOVA) recently announced that it is working on the Entourage Effect.

According to NOVA, “It is theorized that psilocybin and mushroom tryptamine derivatives, such as baeocystin and aeruginascin, when utilized in concert, may produce what is referred to as an ‘entourage effect’.” In other words, psilocybin isn’t the only active ingredient in magic mushrooms.  And, the so-called “minor” compounds (such as baeocystin and aeruginascin) contribute to the clinical effects of magic mushrooms.  Collectively, the clinical effects of the naturally occurring “cocktail” of ingredients (psilocybin derivatives) is called the Entourage Effect.  Technically, baeocystin and aeruginascin are metabolized to the active metabolites norpsilocin and 4-OH-TMT, respectively.

NOVA’s plan is to first make and test the individual active ingredients.  Then, “Pending final production of the additional API compounds, NOVA plans to test their efficacy.” Then, NOVA will assess any potential “entourage effect” by studying combinations psilocybin derivatives. Ultimately, NOVA hopes to develop therapeutic benefits in the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) preclinical rat model that was designed by Dr. Viviana Trezza at Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy. NOVA’s overarching plan was first discussed in an article on this site about “Chemistry – The Future of Psilocybin Technology” in November of 2017.

The Report on Psychedelics recently described NOVA’s plan as “Faking the Entourage Effect.”  The authors at The Report on Psychedelics explain that “Nova Mentis theorizes that the development of these other ingredients will form the basis to create technology which will allow these formulations to be used to target areas outside the brain such as the small intestine, colon and liver.”  And they also pointed out that “It should be noted that by Nova Mentis’ own admission the research into this is extremely early.”


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