Psilocybin Formulations for Treating Cluster Headaches

Psilocybin Formulations for Treating Cluster Headaches

Many people suffering from cluster headaches could benefit from access to psilocybin as a treatment option. Today, a small population of cluster headache sufferers find relief by consuming psilocybin either by eating fresh mushrooms, dried mushrooms, preparations, edibles, or extracts.

For many people, having access to a formulation providing a known amount of a known compound would be desirable.  Arguably, the variables associated with mushrooms limit access to valuable treatment options for cluster headaches.  See The Future of Magic Mushrooms is Formulations of Tryptamines.

Psilocybin Formulations Increase Trust and Access to Cluster Headache Treatments

Aren’t natural psilocybin mushrooms good enough?  Why do we need formulations?

Yes.  Consuming mushrooms is highly effective for a fraction of the people needing help. Formulations would provide another tool for studying and treating cluster headaches.  Psilocybin formulations would increase access to safe and effective treatments for cluster headaches.  Here is one line of reasoning:

  • Many people go to their doctor for assistance diagnosing and treating their health problems.
  • Most physicians are hesitant to recommend a medicine without understanding both (1) the composition of the medicine and (2) how to determine the dose. (From a scientific standpoint, confounded variables makes it difficult to conduct meaningful research.)  A physician treating a patient would want to correlate (a) some change in the condition of the patient with (b) a known treatment.
  • As a result, many people suffering from cluster headaches are probably not told that psilocybin could provide a safe, natural, fast-acting treatment. For some of the people aware of the option, the variability in dose and composition still makes it hard to trust.

Precisely dosed psilocybin formulations would overcome the above concerns.


Sewell RA, Halpern JH, Pope HG. Response of cluster headache to psilocybin and LSD. Neurology. 2006;66(12):1920-1922.

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6 thoughts on “Psilocybin Formulations for Treating Cluster Headaches

  1. Joanne Reply

    Hence the reason we need it decriminalized so scientific research can get real. ☺️

    • Staff Scientist Post authorReply

      Hi Rich,
      First off, we are sorry to hear about your pain.
      Thankfully, there are a handful of organizations that can give you advise on how to try psilocybin for your headaches. One organization that came to us today is called You might try reaching out to them.

  2. Eddie Reply

    I’ll be interested to see if psilocybin *is* developed into a treatment for CH. I don’t deny its efficacy, but note with interest that the non-hallucinogenic analogue of LSD, BOL-148/2-bromo-LSD, appears to have the same effect, and is presumably the same mechanism of action as psilocybin or LSD (which also treats CH).

    Of course, the likelihood is that psilocybin will be more sexy/zeitgeisty, lending it marketing appeal in the next decade, but from a regulatory perspective, it seems implausible to push through a hallucinogenic medicine if there’s a non-intoxicating drug of similar efficacy available

    The non-hallucinogen 2-bromo-lysergic acid diethylamide as preventative treatment for cluster headache: An open, non-randomized case series:

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