Psilocybin Microdosing – State of the Art

Psilocybin “Microdosing” State of the Art — Unknown Molecules & Lack of Precise Dosing

Our staff recently published a few articles regarding “microdosing,” especially microdosing psilocybin.  We have received many insightful comments.  Below is a summary of the state of the art as of April 24, 2018.

  1. DEFINITION – Generally speaking, the term “microdosing” means taking a “sub threshold” quantity of a substance known for causing “psychedelic” experiences when taken in doses above the accepted “threshold” amount.
  2. DOSE – Experts on microdosing recommend taking about 1/10th of a “psychedelic” dose.  For psilocybin, this means taking anywhere from a few tenths of a milligram to several milligrams of psilocybin.
  3. ADMINISTRATION – Presently, psilocybin users administer psilocybin by eating “magic mushrooms.”  Accordingly, users administer psilocybin by estimating the concentration of psilocybin in a collection of mushrooms.
  4. VARIABILITY – Psilocybin mushrooms are highly variable in both chemical composition and chemical concentration.
  5. STANDARD – The state of the art for microdosing psilocybin currently accepts significant variability in both the chemicals administered and the amount that is taken.

** Does anyone disagree with the above facts?  Please comment.

Suggested Improvements

Taking precise and accurate amounts of any substance requires having a dosage form with a known quantity of a known chemical.  For example, taking a tablet having 1.0 mg of psilocybin as the only active ingredient.  Accordingly, psilocybin “microdosing” technology would benefit from reliable dosage formulations that provide a precise amount of psilocybin.  See Psilocybin Chemistry.

11 thoughts on “Psilocybin Microdosing – State of the Art

  1. JoJo Wats Reply

    I seriously want to try this! I know they are the only treatment for cluster headaches. My friend did this and had been off his depression meds since.

  2. Mike terrance Reply

    Well they aren’t the only treatment for cluster headaches, though they may be the only thing that works for some people.

    • Joanne Reply

      I imagine that was written by a person who, you, don’t have cluster headaches. So, you can sympathize with the suck but you can’t empathize. I’ve seen people using constant oxygen machines all day to even try to get through the day. This is a cure for that. Why does a fungi plant bother you so much that the medicinal value is tossed away? The Earth gives us both bad and good mushrooms, and that goes for many other plants, so why can’t we use what grows here medicinally?

      Do you think it’s safer and healthier for a person to be heavily sedated on extremely addictive narcotics rather than microdose?

      Ignore the lies and propaganda you’ve been fed your whole life. It’s BS.!

      Open your mind to the science of plants and BTW, you don’t have to take them. I promise you the addiction qualities in prescription pain meds is far worse than these mushrooms.

      Do some research and watch some videos of people who suffer from cluster headaches and you may change your mind.

      I’m excited to know I may have chance to get off my dangerous pills with scary side affect, diabetes, liver issues, Demetria just to name a few, having to take these pills in favor of a mushroom. ✌️🙏🏼

      And yes, it is the only real cure for those cluster headaches; just like Charlottes Web CBD oil has saved so many epileptic children from hell until death. If you’re not afraid of the current scientific meds then why would you go against the exact same thing only using a mushroom under real scientific research? Why would this matter to you at all?

  3. Daniel Bigger Reply

    Honestly, the advocation of this method has become increasingly popular, and the short term effects seem great and all, sure, but the long term effects are so understudied. I mean, you’re connecting psilocybin to your serotonin receptors when you ingest it, and for an 8-10 hour period of time doing that in a concentrated amount and visually hallucinating seems like you could achieve the same effects that are described by advocates of microdosing, without potentially creating long term adverse side effects of messing with your serotonin receptors lightly over a long period of time. People who excessively ingest psilocybin have short term memory problems later in life, and it seems like if you were to constantly have it in your system, you’d be more inclined to experience those adverse side effects than say someone who were to just every month ingest one dose of higher concentration in order to achieve the same effects. I’ve talked to a lot of people about this method and it seems like people are real willing to risk their long term brain health in order to ‘feel good all the time’, but that’s also just the thing, humans aren’t naturally supposed to feel good all the time, were supposed to experience being sad and depressed occasionally, so I’d love to hear an email response with what you guys have to say in response.

    • Staff Scientist Post authorReply

      Thank you for your comment! Could you provide a reference supporting this statement: “People who excessively ingest psilocybin have short term memory problems later in life”?
      That will help us response to your cost/benefit line of reasoning.

  4. Joanne Reply

    As a patient who takes several medications for over 20 years and most of them are affecting my setotonin levels, as well as dopamine, and all these meds are understudied. Lmao.
    I would rather take my chances with a mushroom growing on our plant and scientists working with it.
    Besides, I was born this way. Bipolar disorder, ADHD, OCD and major anxiety disorders. None of my conditions are learned behaviors. My conditions come with poor short/long term memory problems so I am not risking much anyway by trying another remedy besides the 8 prescriptions I’m already on.
    Recently, my memories have gotten extremely worse and it’s scaring me. If I actually could try this method and get off all or most of my meds, then I think maybe I’ll have a chance and not getting any worse than driving home only to pull over crying because I had no idea where I was. Nothing looked familiar. It took about 5 minutes then I felt the memory come back. Also, I’ve started coming to a complete stop in mid sentence when I’m conversating with anyone. It’s a very odd sensation. I just completely forget what I was thinking or saying, I feel like I can’t reach the memory I know is there.
    I know people who this has worked for. They are completely off their extremely hardcore depression meds; and each one of those meds comes with a long list of side affects. Fortunately, these medications have been here for me or you would not be reading this post.
    Side affects or suicide.
    It’s that extreme for me.
    So, I support this science all the way and when it is proven and either decriminalized or legalized I will be the first patient and I will also quickly buy those penny stocks ASAP.
    Thank you.

  5. Daniel Bigger Reply

    Thank you for the perspective, I was genuinely curious about why advocacy for this was so popular, and I feel as though I’ve received an appropriate answer, so I appreciate your response.

  6. Must B. Withheld Reply

    I’m white, educated, pretty, well to do…and hopelessly sad and fearful. I’ve never felt joy. My goal is to feel occasional satisfaction with work and contentment in marriage. I have a very bad brain; no antidepressant has worked more than a few days. Exercise is the best antidepressant available. I was hugely successful at work, driven by chronic anxiety but I couldn’t enjoy it. I’m always “faking” pleasure from relationships or events set up to please me. I’ve spent the last five years reading about psylocibin and the other hallucinogenics’ impact on life-ruining depression like mine. And: I dare to hope. A life is a terrible thing to waste and despite the extraordinary opportunities I’ve had and thrilling successes, my life’s been a waste. I can’t get my hands on , guided by a therapist, fast enough.

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